“My fascination with nature began at an early age. I have always loved animals. As a child I traveled frequently with my family and visited lots of unique natural habitats around the world. Moving to New York, I realized how much I took these things for granted. The city was captivating, but nature was reduced to a bag of dirt and a plant. It was not enough. Returning to Southern California, the flora and fauna in the hills have become my constant inspiration, especially in this time when humans are wrestling with nature for symbiotic balance.”

Tia Magallon graduated from Art Center College of Design and received her Masters degree at the School of Visual Arts. Honors have included the Aaron Siskind Fellowship, the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award, and the winner of the ASME/Amazon Best Cover Award for Science and Nature for her work with OnEarth Magazine. Tia has shot for Simon and Schuster, Details, OnEarth, Out and New York Magazine. During her 15 years living in New York City, she exhibited, curated and taught throughout the city and surrounding regions. After relocating to Pasadena, CA, she continues to focus on editorial photo illustration projects and her personal work.